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Coach·sulting 2.0 supports you and your team and company and accompanies you through upcoming transformation and insight processes in an authentic, pragmatic and very special way. I offer you the following services:

Organisational and strategical Consulting

Interim Management

Chief Cultural & Ethics Ambassador (CCEA)

Coaching for the New Era

Introduction of female qualities into the company

Organisational and
structural Consulting

Until now, the terms "organization and structure" have been used as the main levers for increasing efficiency. Unfortunately, it has often been forgotten that the expectation of the affected departments and employees during a restructuring, optimization and potential increase is to keep their day-to-day business running. Who hasn't experienced this - the big restructuring is announced and then work is started on too many topics at the same time - because you want to improve it quickly - and synergies or far-reaching effects are overlooked, so that the changeover becomes very strenuous, tedious and inefficient for everyone involved. It is precisely in these phases that performance drops significantly and the success of new structures, processes and procedures is barely noticeable. In most cases, the next step leads directly to cost savings. However, from my perspective and in order to appreciate, support and keep employees on board after such additional efforts, it is absolutely essential to celebrate and ring in the new era together, joyfully and cheerfully. Bringing everyone along, aligning them with the new and creating or maintaining a safe environment is the essential starting point for the new beginning. In this context, I can offer you all my expertise and empathy, not only on a professional but also on a human level, in order to jointly develop and support a successful transformation process, not only strategically but also for operational implementation. In my experience, coaching elements in particular are a valuable addition and support. Phases of upheaval and change are ideal for bringing everything to light - greater clarity and transparency in a new atmosphere of trust can lead to open communication that allows deeper issues to be healed and transformed. The success component for joyful restructuring.

Time and again, companies find themselves in tricky personnel situations triggered by everyday events. These gaps can be filled by me so that possible transitions can be competently facilitated until the final stabilization of the personnel situation. In the context of interim management, I offer both leadership expertise and opportunities for necessary or pending restructuring through expansion, downsizing or reorganization. The size of the team only plays a subordinate role. The decisive factor is rather the top management and their conviction to support the interim solution holistically and to allow me a certain scope of action. Accompanying a team through these phases with mindfulness and appreciation by bringing responsible, empathetic and present leadership into the company also promotes employee loyalty and reduces their stress and anxiety levels. In this way, the unavoidable fluctuation can often be counteracted. Wonderful results can be achieved in just a few months and challenging situations can be mastered. Try it out and benefit from possible changes.

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Interims Management

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Chief Cultural & Ethic Ambassador (CCEA)

It is certainly helpful to implement a kind of ombudsman's office in the guise of the old world, which acts as an ambassador and mediator for the new corporate values, goals and visions. It is essential for this caring and supportive function that it is well and securely installed and equipped with the essential freedoms. It serves the interpersonal, structural and organizational areas of the company rather than technical issues. This ensures that important information and trends within the company and the workforce are collected, evaluated, dealt with and positioned. This is not only helpful in a transformation process, but also in everyday life. A position of trust for concerns, fears and needs of the local workforce, especially in international companies, can be a good support for the management level to really focus on the tasks that are required of them and their teams. Employees receive quick and practicable solutions, feel seen, understood and accepted and can concentrate on their work again. What is essential here is complete transparency towards all those involved. This is the only way to build and sustain trust. In the context of restructuring and change, this ensures that the new framework conditions that have been learned and jointly agreed are adhered to, adjusted and lived. It is important that a safe environment is ensured and guaranteed as the basis for transformation. It can be. You can be, I can be, he can be, she can be. Just as we are. Pure, clear, pure and honest. The safe environment must not only be implemented, but also lived in the long term in order to establish precisely this transparency and trust. This will ensure that the company and its employees continue to operate on a basis of trust in the future. A CCEA is predestined to support the company and its development from all sides, to monitor it and to play a key role in steering it. This position is therefore located at managing director level, as it acts and operates globally and across departments and countries. We would be happy to discuss the possibilities of implementing this position in a personal meeting. I will support you and your project.

All factors in business life influence the company, its structure, energy, atmosphere, customers, market position and, last but not least, its performance and ultimate success. This is not a new insight. What is new is the need for teams, managers and managers to devote themselves intensively to the energies, interpersonal interaction and vibrations in order to bring the company guidelines and business plan to life in a harmonious and trusting way. The mutual care and responsibility of everyone and the sense of belonging create the best environment for turning the company's mission and vision into reality. This will be the new success factor in the future. Deal with it now. The basis for a trusting collaboration is a safe environment. Building autonomous and proactive teams promotes and enables working at eye level. The joy of working together is a special catalyst! Take on this task by getting everyone on board and embarking on the journey together with inspiration, motivation and great team spirit. A wonderful foundation for a profound and long-lasting team culture paired with shared success. You are also welcome to take a look at my homepage specifically for my coaching offers:

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Coaching for the New Era

Introduction of female qualities into the company

In order to adapt to the new era, it is essential to bring female qualities into the company or to give these qualities space and promote their development. To this end, a concept was developed that initially deals with the two gender groups separately. In this way, the participants gain knowledge and insights into their own behavior, imprinting and cause-and-effect patterns in a safe environment, which they can reflect on and integrate. This often leads to a change of perspective, which makes the actual transformation possible on a wise, mindful and compassionate level. This is initially about becoming aware, becoming conscious and the idea of reality, without masks, acting and active protective mechanisms. A concept has been developed, consisting of basic and follow-up trainings, which lead to a whole transformation, a massive change of values as well as a new cooperation within the company. With the new understanding, the new openness and awareness, other things are suddenly possible when working together. With a softer attitude, because you have looked behind the scenes, sensed the differences and become aware of certain connections, deeper conversations are possible. It is often easier to speak, live and show your own truth without having your visor down, in perceived and lived security. This enables joyful cooperation, the discovery of new possibilities and solutions outside the box, in mutual understanding, responsibility and compassion.

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