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Coach·sulting 2.0

Coach·sulting 2.0 stands for holistic management consulting for companies of the New Era that are already aware of the need for realignment, transformation and further development. I support you in transforming and understanding new issues and challenges, and work with you to find new ways to ensure stable, inspiring and successful corporate development in the future. I am constantly training myself to bring new impulses and insights into my consulting and coaching practice and thus pass them on to my clients.


I have been working as an entrepreneur, consultant and coach for more than 20 years. My clients mainly come from the financial and real estate industry, SMEs, the family office sector or are wealthy private investors and foundations.


A long-term relationship of trust and recognizable added value are particularly important to me.

I am particularly familiar with challenging situations and will support you as a sparring partner.


My strengths: 100% passion, a clear mind for solution-oriented advice

paired with a big, empathetic heart and a lot of compassion.

How I work

My expertise lies in my extensive insights into different disciplines, which complement each other perfectly and cover a wide range of required project experience.

I work best when I act at eye level with and within your company.

My USP is my great commitment, my attentiveness and my enthusiasm and joy in what I do. The combination of consulting and coaching, the so-called Coach*sulting, is certainly a unique opportunity to implement the strategy integrated with personal transformation in a special way.

I am anything but a classic consultant - so I can react flexibly to changes and new challenges and always adapt not only the process but also the result.


We achieve our common goal by working together as equals and through transparent and trusting communication.

Your success and transformation are always my focus.

My approaches are innovative, authentic and creative.

My approach is characterized by empathy and reliability.

The use of coaching elements increases the success of the consultation many times over.

Make the most of your potential!

There are no mistakes, only experiences that need to be made.

What is my goal?

My goal is to help you to help yourself and thus initiate a transformation process. This means that you and your teams will be able to recognize and understand the situation and its mechanics, your own and others' behaviours, the core and mission of your company in a short period of time and to change, modify and optimize it appropriately at your own pace, taking into account your individual and personal circumstances.


Awareness of what is is already the first, important step towards change.

My guiding principle is the integral, competent, powerful and holistic development of companies and employees who are looking for support to align themselves with the New Era.

Tell us your challenge and let us talk about your specific request.

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